Happy new year!!!! Wait….it’s been a year?! It was so fast! I’m trying to check what I “planned” to do for 2010 and let me see…..

  • decrease in credit card debt – only 2 active credit cards to date…but have maximized the credit limit of each…..5 active balance transfers…no late payments…
  • save money – yeah I have some, teensy-weensy, itsy-bitsy… starting small is still better than nothing
  • lose weight – getting harder everyday  😛
  • travel – holy week at Philipp’s Farm, r&r at Bohol, dinner dates with bffs
  • read, read, read – beastly, can you keep a secret, undomestic goddess
  • learn french – nope
  • life insurance – nope (i just think this is necessary for me)
  • health check – no! i didn’t see my obgyn for more than a year now! not even the shadow of my ent
  • gerkikay wordpress – 18 posts! major loser!
  • process something to migrate to somewhere – to be continued in 2011!

2010 was a better year for me financially…met new friends…ignored enemies…..my brother got married (the first in the family)….kovu conquered ehrlichia…kiara is no longer a virgin…after a year there is nothing new with my 5-year-old-now “relationship”…

If you are single (technically true although you share the same roof with someone), no kids, and you feel that time is being robbed from you because of your own stupidity….what else would you do in 2011?!  really?!