ImageDecember 29, 2011

Mangaoil – Macalintal Wedding

It was a beautiful day and everyone is excited to see Jane and Glenn united in the sanctity of marriage. I cried as the bride walks down the aisle and when I looked around I am not the only one in tears to see the lovely woman in white. Love is in the air!

The Bride – My very sweet friend Jane. She gave me a genuine smile on my first day at work and it made me wished that my workplace is in the unit where she just came from. She is an angel to all of her friends because she is naturally a very caring person.

The Groom – Lawyer by profession. Atty. Glenn is the coolest in town! I just don’t know if that started when she met Jane. I think it has always been a challenge for him to be sweet while exuding authority since they got together.

I have attended several weddings of family and close friends and I participated in most of them. I take it as a compliment to be a bridesmaid or one of the secondary sponsors because I am sure the couple would only want pleasant people in their wedding (okay I’m trying to be nice and arrogant at the same time). But in this wedding I am one of the hostesses and I take no offense, except if Atty. Glenn thinks I’m not going to fit in a gown.

“And so they are no longer two but one”

I am a believer of marriage. I am very thankful that my parents have enough patience to live in the same house for 3+ years and still counting. Eventhough a lot of times they just want to strangle each other. But for my friends and family that in my opinion did not find a Jane or Glenn or my mom and dad in their partner, I always say find somebody else who will love you more than you love him/ her! I’m kinda unfair right. I know…and nothing is perfect in this world. And as for me, I think it is only in my dreams will I ever get both (what is both? LOL). I just want to love myself more than I did last year and I believe that the rest will follow.


To my dad and my youngest brother CONGRATULATIONS!!!!! It is so cool that they are graduating at the same time!!

I am excited for Gerbie to meet new challenges, new friends and discover that there is more to life than games…games..and games!  But I am more excited for dad! Finally after 55 years…he is wearing a toga and taking that picture! He said photo shoot is done and he was surprised to see that he look so much like “Jimmy Santos”!! Wahahaha! 

I love you guys!

My dad is almost 55. But he decided to go to school again and finish college! And by golly he is taking up Industrial Education (Major in Electronics)! A teacher! Ahihihihi!

In our living room, like any other Filipino family, we have our graduation pictures proudly hanging there in line. From mom who has hers from college, me and my siblings from elementary to college. And my dad….he has one too! But I think it is from a seminar or a recognition for his 20++ years of service in the company. I was joking mom that we should ask dad to pose for a graduation picture complete with toga and all just to belong! Sorry dad! Hihihi! My parents got married so young, 18-19 only! All these years dad worked so hard to provide us the best in this world! And no diploma is needed to certify that!

It’s a good thing that his company supports continuous learning and came up with this project! You gave my dad another chance to fulfill what was not an option for him when we were growing up! Thaaankkss!

Before that his interests are smoking, drinking, and karera ng kabayo (horse racing)!

He attends class every Tuesdays. Mom said she has now 3 students in the house. Dad now included will also ask her to review and answer some of his assignments, ask money to buy books, bags, and other school stuffs! Made her crazier!

Dad’s challenge is not only being a student…studying, researching, exams, but catching up with technology! Internet that is. This is where we (myself and IT bro) come in.

He had this assignment to summarize a book…life story of Rizal… Of course he doesn’t enjoy typing… his working hands are no longer in favor of it. He maybe thought there must be something out there to help him on this one…and aha! He bought a scanner that can convert images to searchable PDF files! Very good idea! But! He still needs help on how to actually scan…uh oh… I gave him a tutorial..even wrote down the steps for him… One day he called me in the office…

Dad: Turuan mo nga ulit akong mag-scan
Me: Sundin mo lang ung steps na sinulat ko
Dad: Hindi ko makita eh..
 (Busy at work but how can I resist his eagerness to learn and finish his assignment!) O cge ganito….(step by step on the phone)….
Dad: O asan napunta ung n-scan ko?!
Me: Sa directory kung san mo nilagay nung ng save ka..
Dad: Anong directory??
Me: O sige try mo na lang search ung filename…
Dad: Anong filename??
Me: (Grrr! I can’t burst it out) Sige turuan kita ulit mamaya mg-scan, kailangan mo na ba yang ini-scan mo?
Dad: Ah ung ano to…Dividendazo ko para sa karera
Me: @#^%$*&&%&$^@

I can only think of the days when he was teaching me tricks on how to memorize the multiplication table….

I will always have the patience for my dad….