January 2012

I just want to share some pictures taken last November 13, 2011 from my very first 5K run! And I am very glad I did it with Men’s Health Urbanathlon (MHU)! I’ve been running every once in a while at Ayala Triangle but my heart is just not into it. I would always tell my running buddy not to wait up on me, I can manage at my pace! I get bored just running and after 2-3 rounds I would always opt to finish with other forms of exercises and cool down in a “dark corner” of the triangle 🙂

That is why I am not a fan of fun runs! But when I read from my favorite mag, Women’s Health (WH), that MHU is about running with obstacles I got interested! It’ll be running + crawling + hurdles + monkey bars + scaffolding + wall climbing! And so I joined and enjoyed every second of it! It was fun! I did everything except wall climbing because I don’t think I can carry my weight up the that wall. And seeing that even male runners and fitter women are having a hard time climbing I realized more that I’ll be committing suicide! I waived it with penalty of some minutes which I really didn’t mind.

I was running all by myself because again I can’t keep up with the energy of my running buddy. We would just say “hi” when we cross path. A few steps away from the starting line a group was already shouting “water break! water break”! And I was laughing so hard and already used up 50% of the energy food I had earlier he he But the ushers are funnier, as they are giving directions to 5K, 10K, 15K I heard one shouting “payb ke, torn lep! pay ke, torn lep! (5K, turn left)” hihihi so cute!

Oh and when I did the monkey bar the marshall was literally carrying me while I was pretending to hold the bars…ahihihi And my most precious price is not the finishers medal but pictures with celebrities like Derek Ramsay, Rovilson Fernandez, the first pinoy biggest losers and WH editor-in-chief Lara Parpan. Now you are jealous! hehe

My first 5K was a lot of fun! Maybe because I’m not the last to make it to the finish line! I loved the macaroni salad from Century Tuna too! And free 3mos WH subscription! The registration fee is way value for the money plus the calories burned after the run is priceless!

I can’t wait for Men’s Health Urbanathlon 2012!!


ImageDecember 29, 2011

Mangaoil – Macalintal Wedding

It was a beautiful day and everyone is excited to see Jane and Glenn united in the sanctity of marriage. I cried as the bride walks down the aisle and when I looked around I am not the only one in tears to see the lovely woman in white. Love is in the air!

The Bride – My very sweet friend Jane. She gave me a genuine smile on my first day at work and it made me wished that my workplace is in the unit where she just came from. She is an angel to all of her friends because she is naturally a very caring person.

The Groom – Lawyer by profession. Atty. Glenn is the coolest in town! I just don’t know if that started when she met Jane. I think it has always been a challenge for him to be sweet while exuding authority since they got together.

I have attended several weddings of family and close friends and I participated in most of them. I take it as a compliment to be a bridesmaid or one of the secondary sponsors because I am sure the couple would only want pleasant people in their wedding (okay I’m trying to be nice and arrogant at the same time). But in this wedding I am one of the hostesses and I take no offense, except if Atty. Glenn thinks I’m not going to fit in a gown.

“And so they are no longer two but one”

I am a believer of marriage. I am very thankful that my parents have enough patience to live in the same house for 3+ years and still counting. Eventhough a lot of times they just want to strangle each other. But for my friends and family that in my opinion did not find a Jane or Glenn or my mom and dad in their partner, I always say find somebody else who will love you more than you love him/ her! I’m kinda unfair right. I know…and nothing is perfect in this world. And as for me, I think it is only in my dreams will I ever get both (what is both? LOL). I just want to love myself more than I did last year and I believe that the rest will follow.