Natures Auto Service Center

Natures Carwash Auto Detailing & Services Center

9163 Buhay na Tubig, Imus Cavite

Telefax: (046) 4840035, (02) 3912544

Mobile: +639228651854, +639278851873

Please look for Nato.

Strawberry’s hospital and second home is at Natures! A good friend suggested that I try it there and I didn’t regret it!

More-than-a-decade, hand-me-down cars should be properly maintained..SHOULD BE! But I’m a girl and I only know how to drive and pay for gas! Though not reason enough to let it run out of water and overheat, delay change oil, always wait for the almost-empty-gas-flashing-red-sign, etc!        

My dad wants to kill me everytime he sees Straw dirty or almost out of gas. I love Strawberry! I do! It’s just that I have limited means at times…most of the time (ngek!) But 2009 was a good year because finally….she was repainted!

So for ALL of your four-wheel troubles such as engine tune-up, change oil, radiator overhaul, engine overhaul, electrical services, flat tires, wheel alignment, body repair and painting, carwash, engine wash, aircon services, etc, try Natures and their friendly staffs! Oh they can pick-up your car for free too! I guess if it is within Cavite area only.

Who needs a man (duh! for car problems) when there is Natures Auto Service Center and my credit cardssss! Harharhar!