Strawberry ends with 2! 

February is for plate numbers ending in 2! Of course it wasn’t me who arranged for the renewal of straw’s car registration. It is dad who is doing the dirty works every year. And I owe my mom for the damages below 🙂 (talk about being single at 30++…I still cling to my parents for some cash, whenever possible, my bad…harharhar):

Renewal – P1,629 + P200 penalty

Emission Test – P425

Insurance – P 950

For more details, please check here,,

Snippet from LTO:



For those with plate numbers ending in “2” don’t forget to register your motor vehicle on February 2010.


 Registration Week


Middle Plate Number



First Week  


    Second Week     4,5,6
    Third Week     7,8
    Last Week     9,0


PS: I was surprised to see that LTO has a 2009 Quality Management Plan….”DESCRIPTION: Pursuant to Executive Order 605, s 2007, a Quality Management System (QMS) Certifiable to ISO9001:2000 shall be implemented in ALL government offices especially those providing frontline services”  Hmmm I want to know which government offices already made it?!