If you will attend a christening, please be in the church before 11am in proper ninang or ninong attire! And don’t forget your pakimkim in cash or in kind! LOL

I have wanted to make an official list of my inaanaks (Godsons/Goddaughters) for so looongg. It is a dilemma every Christmas to remember all of them! I have 23 (I hope I’m right)! I am not a patient ninang when it comes to shopping for gifts, I would rather give cash (pero P1 lang haha!)

To my gorgeous inaanaks (like the ninang), I wanted to greet you on your birthdays, or spend more time with you but it is not possible all the time! But I’m just a call/text away if you need me!  So sorry if the gifts are not so cool! But I will always be your cool ninang!

Here are my precious ones, love you guys!

  1. Renz
  2. Krisha
  3. Lovely Joy
  4. JP
  5. Crystal
  6. Aldrain
  7. Ren-Ren
  8. Ehrnell
  9. Richolt
  10. Wilson
  11. Ryukie
  12. Trisha
  13. Bianca
  14. Tintoy
  15. Bruno
  16. Kristiona
  17. Bea
  18. Maria Ella
  19. Jackie
  20. Luningning
  21. Baby Rhobelle
  22. Baby Russel
  23. Nico – 2010
  24. Xam – 2011
  25. Aia – 2011
  26. Baby Alex – 2011