Planet: Venus

Color: Blue

Gemstone: Sapphire

Metal: Copper

Flower: Rose

Animal: Lizard

Herb: Tansy

Cities: New York City & Rio de Janeiro

* 2010 year of the Tiger will require of Libras to organize all plans and projects. Saturn is usually kind to Libras even in the most negative positions, and now in horoscope 2010 it gives you a chance to change your destiny.
* This 2010 year of white Tiger you will travel a lot and make many acquaintances.
* Don’t forget to turn on your intuition – you may fall victim to swindlers.
* Everything is all right with Libras’ job now!
* Late August 2010 will enable Libras to mend the finances, and November 2010 will be extremely unfavorable for business.
* People born under the zodiac sign Libra are seldom a suffering part of relationship; usually they are lucky. The best time in romantic aspect is from February to March and November, when in Libras’ 2010 horoscope your patroness Venus, will take a favorable position.

* Libra Astrology Characteristics – A person born under Libra horoscope love the concept of being loved, therefore are constantly searching for the perfect mate. People with Libra Horoscope also love romance and consequently are good at it. Filled with personal dignity and elegance, you may find people with Libra Horoscope to dazzle and captivate you time and time again. Although a person born under Libra horoscope may be indecisive about making a commitment, once committed to a relationship, you will find harmony and peace with them.

* Libra Astrology Perfect Partner – This zodiac sign of partnership needs a companion who will understand, appreciate, and perhaps even idolize them. If you’re searching for a partner that is socially outgoing and affectionate, you’ve found them. In a Leo, Gemini and Aquarius, a Libra will find love.