Chico and Delamar - USS George Washington Tour - Photo c/o

I am a proud silent rusher!

I still have some idle moments at work and I’m taking advantage of it while the real deal is still on its way to drown me with paper works! And so in my sleepy hours I listen to the morning rush! Thanks to Blue Ritz!!! Whatever the topic never…never fails to make me choke-laugh or at least giggle (since I’m in the office and should be working!) Chico and Del are gifts, a hobby, an addiction! Seriously, an inspiration to listeners like me!

I have a big contribution to the stats of Chico’s blog because I frequent his site! I suggest that everybody should visit it too! It is worth reading! Delamar’s on the other hand makes me kinda sad…not that it is not updated hehe but I can feel something…hehe being a 30-something too! Haha!

Check them here at:

I love you C & D!