February 2010

Strawberry ends with 2! 

February is for plate numbers ending in 2! Of course it wasn’t me who arranged for the renewal of straw’s car registration. It is dad who is doing the dirty works every year. And I owe my mom for the damages below 🙂 (talk about being single at 30++…I still cling to my parents for some cash, whenever possible, my bad…harharhar):

Renewal – P1,629 + P200 penalty

Emission Test – P425

Insurance – P 950

For more details, please check here http://www.lto.gov.ph/, http://www.lto.gov.ph/mvreq2.html#renewpriv, http://www.lto.gov.ph/mvreg.html

Snippet from LTO:



For those with plate numbers ending in “2” don’t forget to register your motor vehicle on February 2010.


 Registration Week


Middle Plate Number



First Week  


    Second Week     4,5,6
    Third Week     7,8
    Last Week     9,0


PS: I was surprised to see that LTO has a 2009 Quality Management Plan….”DESCRIPTION: Pursuant to Executive Order 605, s 2007, a Quality Management System (QMS) Certifiable to ISO9001:2000 shall be implemented in ALL government offices especially those providing frontline services”  Hmmm I want to know which government offices already made it?! 


My dad is almost 55. But he decided to go to school again and finish college! And by golly he is taking up Industrial Education (Major in Electronics)! A teacher! Ahihihihi!

In our living room, like any other Filipino family, we have our graduation pictures proudly hanging there in line. From mom who has hers from college, me and my siblings from elementary to college. And my dad….he has one too! But I think it is from a seminar or a recognition for his 20++ years of service in the company. I was joking mom that we should ask dad to pose for a graduation picture complete with toga and all just to belong! Sorry dad! Hihihi! My parents got married so young, 18-19 only! All these years dad worked so hard to provide us the best in this world! And no diploma is needed to certify that!

It’s a good thing that his company supports continuous learning and came up with this project! You gave my dad another chance to fulfill what was not an option for him when we were growing up! Thaaankkss!

Before that his interests are smoking, drinking, and karera ng kabayo (horse racing)!

He attends class every Tuesdays. Mom said she has now 3 students in the house. Dad now included will also ask her to review and answer some of his assignments, ask money to buy books, bags, and other school stuffs! Made her crazier!

Dad’s challenge is not only being a student…studying, researching, exams, but catching up with technology! Internet that is. This is where we (myself and IT bro) come in.

He had this assignment to summarize a book…life story of Rizal… Of course he doesn’t enjoy typing… his working hands are no longer in favor of it. He maybe thought there must be something out there to help him on this one…and aha! He bought a scanner that can convert images to searchable PDF files! Very good idea! But! He still needs help on how to actually scan…uh oh… I gave him a tutorial..even wrote down the steps for him… One day he called me in the office…

Dad: Turuan mo nga ulit akong mag-scan
Me: Sundin mo lang ung steps na sinulat ko
Dad: Hindi ko makita eh..
 (Busy at work but how can I resist his eagerness to learn and finish his assignment!) O cge ganito….(step by step on the phone)….
Dad: O asan napunta ung n-scan ko?!
Me: Sa directory kung san mo nilagay nung ng save ka..
Dad: Anong directory??
Me: O sige try mo na lang search ung filename…
Dad: Anong filename??
Me: (Grrr! I can’t burst it out) Sige turuan kita ulit mamaya mg-scan, kailangan mo na ba yang ini-scan mo?
Dad: Ah ung ano to…Dividendazo ko para sa karera
Me: @#^%$*&&%&$^@

I can only think of the days when he was teaching me tricks on how to memorize the multiplication table….

I will always have the patience for my dad….

If you will attend a christening, please be in the church before 11am in proper ninang or ninong attire! And don’t forget your pakimkim in cash or in kind! LOL

I have wanted to make an official list of my inaanaks (Godsons/Goddaughters) for so looongg. It is a dilemma every Christmas to remember all of them! I have 23 (I hope I’m right)! I am not a patient ninang when it comes to shopping for gifts, I would rather give cash (pero P1 lang haha!)

To my gorgeous inaanaks (like the ninang), I wanted to greet you on your birthdays, or spend more time with you but it is not possible all the time! But I’m just a call/text away if you need me!  So sorry if the gifts are not so cool! But I will always be your cool ninang!

Here are my precious ones, love you guys!

  1. Renz
  2. Krisha
  3. Lovely Joy
  4. JP
  5. Crystal
  6. Aldrain
  7. Ren-Ren
  8. Ehrnell
  9. Richolt
  10. Wilson
  11. Ryukie
  12. Trisha
  13. Bianca
  14. Tintoy
  15. Bruno
  16. Kristiona
  17. Bea
  18. Maria Ella
  19. Jackie
  20. Luningning
  21. Baby Rhobelle
  22. Baby Russel
  23. Nico – 2010
  24. Xam – 2011
  25. Aia – 2011
  26. Baby Alex – 2011

Planet: Venus

Color: Blue

Gemstone: Sapphire

Metal: Copper

Flower: Rose

Animal: Lizard

Herb: Tansy

Cities: New York City & Rio de Janeiro

* 2010 year of the Tiger will require of Libras to organize all plans and projects. Saturn is usually kind to Libras even in the most negative positions, and now in horoscope 2010 it gives you a chance to change your destiny.
* This 2010 year of white Tiger you will travel a lot and make many acquaintances.
* Don’t forget to turn on your intuition – you may fall victim to swindlers.
* Everything is all right with Libras’ job now!
* Late August 2010 will enable Libras to mend the finances, and November 2010 will be extremely unfavorable for business.
* People born under the zodiac sign Libra are seldom a suffering part of relationship; usually they are lucky. The best time in romantic aspect is from February to March and November, when in Libras’ 2010 horoscope your patroness Venus, will take a favorable position.


* Libra Astrology Characteristics – A person born under Libra horoscope love the concept of being loved, therefore are constantly searching for the perfect mate. People with Libra Horoscope also love romance and consequently are good at it. Filled with personal dignity and elegance, you may find people with Libra Horoscope to dazzle and captivate you time and time again. Although a person born under Libra horoscope may be indecisive about making a commitment, once committed to a relationship, you will find harmony and peace with them.

* Libra Astrology Perfect Partner – This zodiac sign of partnership needs a companion who will understand, appreciate, and perhaps even idolize them. If you’re searching for a partner that is socially outgoing and affectionate, you’ve found them. In a Leo, Gemini and Aquarius, a Libra will find love.


Last year a slideshow of a friend, of my age, caught my attention….it shows her husband and kids with “i’ll take care of you” by Sofia….

I wonder when is my chance to have my own family…. someday I wanted to be proud too and tell the world that I have my mine……really mine…i hope soon…

I’ll Take Care Of You Lyrics
by: Steven Curtis Chapman (but i love Sofia’s rendition)

I’ll take care of you
Don’t be sad, don’t be blue
I’ll never break your heart in two
I’ll take care of you
I’ll kiss your tears away
I’ll end your lonely days
All that I’m really tryin’ to say
Is I’ll take care of you
I want you to know that I love you so
I’m proud to tell the world you’re mine
I said it before, I’ll say it once more
You’ll be in my heart ’til the end of time
I’ll take care of you
Don’t be sad, don’t be blue
Just count on me your whole life through
‘Cause I’ll take care of you

Chico and Delamar - USS George Washington Tour - Photo c/o http://chicogarcia.wordpress.com

I am a proud silent rusher!

I still have some idle moments at work and I’m taking advantage of it while the real deal is still on its way to drown me with paper works! And so in my sleepy hours I listen to the morning rush! Thanks to Blue Ritz!!! Whatever the topic is..it never…never fails to make me choke-laugh or at least giggle (since I’m in the office and should be working!) Chico and Del are gifts, a hobby, an addiction! Seriously, an inspiration to listeners like me!

I have a big contribution to the stats of Chico’s blog because I frequent his site! I suggest that everybody should visit it too! It is worth reading! Delamar’s on the other hand makes me kinda sad…not that it is not updated hehe but I can feel something…hehe being a 30-something too! Haha!

Check them here at:

I love you C & D!

As I am recuperating from a 3-stitches minor surgery that ended my bond with a dear impacted tooth….I have found a speedy cure!! Oh it is heaven for me when I tasted McDonald’s all new dessert —–taraaaaannnn “Choco Raspberry Layered Twist!!!!” Our relationship started yesterday and I had one just a while ago hence this blog!! The choco contradicts the tangy taste of the raspberry!

Try it! Look at http://www.mcdonalds.com.ph

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